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The Fight Against Bullying

One local group of teens is taking a different approach for raising awareness about bullying.

Some local teens are involved in raising awareness about bullying and they're doing it in a unique way, with a musical.

Middle School Madness focuses on a really big issue in schools.

"In middle school bullying is one of the top problems," said Middle School Madness actress Viktorya Becker.

It’s not just middle school.  It even starts at in elementary school.

"I mean, I have been bullied before," said Middle School Madness actor Morrison Powell.

The teenage actors said the play portrays it to the fullest.

"In terms of bullying its spot on. It’s exactly how bullying in middle school would be," said Viktorya.

Morrison is about to head into middle school and he said it’s unnerving.

"It’s very scary to know that all of this goes on in middle school," said Morrison.

The creator of the musical says bullying isn’t the only underlying major theme.

"There’s so many other issues. Relationships, breaking up, the way kids treat each other. The way girls treat other girls," said Middle School Madness writer James Pentaudi.

The play isn’t just for kids.  The director said it’s a learning experience for parents as well.

"To give a snap shot of this is what happens for their parents, so that parents can step up and says 'now i understand when i see my child going through this,'" said Middle School Madness director Jovita Bernard.

It happens more than we think.

"Kids are going through this and most of them need help. They need someone to listen to them," said Middle School Madness actress Jazmine Thomas.

The writer of the play said he hopes the main outcome is communication and acceptance

"Kids, if you're lost, if you're alone, if you're feeling this, this, this. Welcome to the party, we all feel the same way," said Pentaudi.

The musical will be performed one day only on May 30th with two shows.

One in front of roughly seven hundred area kids and another with a mixed crowd of parents and kids at the Clinton middle school theatre.

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