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SUNYIT Student Fundraiser

A fundraiser by SUNYIT students tonight turned out to be much more than that.

On the surface of the event tonight it looks like just a fundraiser, buts it more than just that.


The eleventh annual benefit dinner is put on by the psychology and sociology club of SUNYIT.


While they're raising money for cerebral palsy and the Sitrins military rehabilitation program they also took the time to do something unexpected.


Honor two military families who lost children in war.


"It means so much because when they honor us they're remembering our sons and that’s our biggest fear is that our sons will be forgotten.  Their future has been taken away and we don’t want them forgotten," said Maria Babula.


“We’re appreciative that they made an effort to acknowledge our sacrifice," said Donna Parker.


For the students it’s a no brainer to honor the military families.


“We’re so grateful for what they do at war and supporting our country and we should really just show support to families as well, because they're a big part of it," said the President of the psychology and sociology club at SUNYIT Carey Burnett.

The event is entirely put on by the students of SUNYIT, even up to picking who the funds from the fundraiser will go to.

For the students its shows the power of what college students can do.

“Long as you can put your mind to it and you care about something you can get it done, no matter your age or how much stuff you have going on on the side."

The students hope to raise between five and ten thousand dollars for Upstate Cerebral Palsy and Sitrins military rehabilitation program.

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