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Summer Activities for Kids

School is almost out for the summer and that has some worried that kids will be hitting the streets and getting in trouble.

With the end of school a week away the importance of summer activities for kids is already on the minds of people in Utica.


"I think it’s very important. Being a native of Utica I remember things like the good old summer time and Utica Monday night and soul day for kids to come out and enjoy festivities instead of being on the streets and gettin into things they shouldn’t be getting into," said Jonathan Brooks.


"When I was a kid we had a lot of playgrounds, but it’s like they took the playgrounds away and the kids got nowheres to go. Maybe if they put a couple of those back around here the kids won’t be out there getting into trouble," said Rich Harvey.


The Utica Youth Bureau might have solutions to this problem.


"All the programs are free. We do offer clinics in the four major sports and our learn to swim program is coming back and starting on June 30th at Addison Miller," said Lonnie Jenkins of the Utica Youth Bureau.


"Well, that’s a good thing, but then you got all these other kids that can’t get to these places, so you need to put some playgrounds in their area where they are," said Harvey.


"I think it’s definitely a positive. You know, having things available for them to do instead of people saying the excuse that there is nothing to do in Utica," said Brooks.


He said it’s important for kid’s futures.


"Get youth more involved in the community and activities to help further their lives," said Brooks.


The sports clinics all start in early July. The ‘learn to swim’ program registration starts on the thirtieth of June.

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