Solar Power Boom in the Mohawk Valley

Solar Power Boom in the Mohawk Valley

You may be seeing more and more homes in the Mohawk Valley with solar panels on the roof, but how much are those panels actually helping the homeowners?

People who have solar panels on the roof say the startup cost is big chunk of change.  So far, they said it’s worth it.


"I like sunny days a little more than I used to,” said home owner Robert Munn,” I have financial incentive to enjoy sunny days."


Robert is nearing the end of the first month of solar panels on his house.  After almost thirty years of getting bills from National Grid Robert said it’s still surprising to see his meter ticking backwards, but that’s not the only thing he's surprised about.


“The clouds hinder it, but it doesn’t stop it, which I was a little surprised at.  It doesn’t need direct sunlight; as long as it has some type of sunlight filtering through to the panels themselves," said Munn.


There are different types of solar panels.  There’s the ones that go on top of your roof like these, there’s also pole mounted ones that are raise them off of the ground and then there's ground mounted ones as well.


"An average single family home, I’d say it’s safe to say, after all the incentives, you're looking at around nine thousand dollars, which you'll make up on the lower electric bills over the course of six to ten years,” said Josh Richardson of CNY Solar.


CNY solar said the incentives from the state and national grid bring the price down from around thirty thousand dollars down to around ten.  They said that is a major reason they've installed around tree hundred solar power systems in five years.


Robert said the deciding factor for his was the freedom of it all.


"I didn’t want to depend on someone for electrical needs.  I like being independent and i thought it'd be a better way for the earth in general, as far as pollution wise," said Munn.


Robert said his first bill after installing the solar panels should be coming soon.  He hopes that all of the time and money put into the panels will pay off.


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