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Snow Storm Impacts Commuters

The snow is falling and the temps are dropping. Find out how both daily commuters and train travelers are dealing with the storm.

The snow storm is causing a lot of problems for daily commuters; those who rely on transportation services like the bus to get around Utica and Central New York.

"It’s not that un often that they miss you and you have to walk," said bus rider Justin Almond.

With this snow storm it’s more of the same.

"I had to walk again today. My feet are soaking wet, I'm freezing,” said Almond.

Justin says that it can be a really big headache to ride the bus during a storm like this.

"I'm waiting out there getting soaking wet, freezing,” said Almond,” sometimes I have to go back in, I'm too cold. I miss the bus. It’s a real, you never know when they're comin."

Some local commuters say that’s not even the most difficult part about taking public transportation during a snowstorm.

“Getting to work on time, you’re either going to be late because of the buses with the snow storm or you're going to have to take an hour or two earlier to get there," said bus rider Carl Lyman.

While commuters are having major delays in their everyday travel, people taking the train today are having an entirely different experience.

"Mentally I was worried about it all the way returning home from Penn station, cause down in New York we had all these people saying it’s going to be this, it’s going to be that, but realistically it only slowed the train down about twenty minutes so far," said train traveler Bob Lee.

That little of a delay is nothing compared to the everyday commuters.

Some are trying to look on the bright side of it all; even if it means more time spent on the bus.

"The adventure of it, its March, it’s beautiful.”

People said that while today is bad for riding the bus.  Tomorrow morning is probably going to be worse, which is something their definitely not looking forward to.

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