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Severe Storm Damage in Herkimer County

Severe weather ripped through Herkimer County Thursday leaving a trail of damage in its wake.

Those living in southern Herkimer County are surveying damage Thursday night.

That is after thunderstorms with the capability of producing a tornado passed through the area.

The national weather service issued a tornado warning around four o'clock Tursday afternoon.  The warning expired about an hour later and in that short time period high winds caused destruction along the storm's path.

The damage mostly caused by downed trees and power lines in Jordanville, which is in the town of Warren in Herkimer County.

Right now we don’t know if a tornado touched down anywhere in Herkimer County.

What we do know is that the severe weather whipped through the area and left damage in its wake.

Uprooted trees and downed power lines line Jordanville road Thursday night. The storm that passed through will leave a major impression on the people that live in the area.

"Bad thunder, really scary thunder," said eight year old Roni Dennis.

"Nothing like this has happened here before, in this area, so, and the kids were terrified," said Angela Rios.

"Really scared, we were crying for our mommies and daddies," said Roni.

Angela said while trying to calm the children down she decided to take a peek out side.

"When we were lookin out the window all first it was just thunder and lighting, that’s all it was,” said Angela,” It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t doing nothing and then all of a sudden you just look out the front window of the living room and you couldnt see nothing. It was just wind and all you heard was the tree crashing."

That’s when Angela said she saw the scariest part of the storm.

"All you seen was the black spinning thing going past the windows on the road, that’s all you seen. It was pretty scary I must say," said Angela.

Angela said they're very lucky that none of their animals were hurt in the storm. She also said the toughest part moving forward will be dealing without electricity.

It still is not confirmed if a tornado touched down in Herkimer County.  The National Weather Service will be in Herkimer County tomorrow to investigate.

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