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Saranac Thursday Record

Thursday night marked a new attendance record at the event.

Saranac Thursdays always draw huge crowds to the popular party event, but last night's partiers set a record.


The FX Matt Brewing Company said they had record-high attendance at last night's Saranac celebration.  The more than three-thousand visitors sipped Saranac and listened to live music.


The president of the brewery, Fred Matt said the big crowd had a lot to do with the beautiful weather.


"One of the things that Saranac Thursday's is all about is having fun in Utica and giving something for everyone to do and to have thirty five hundred people here last night was terrific. I think the best before that was thirty two hundred and it was a great night. It was sunny. We knew we'd get a lot of people, but to have that many people having a good time is just why we do it," said FX Matt Bedewing Company President Fred Matt.


He goes on to say, with more nice weather, this record-high could broken

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