Remington to Lose Jobs

Remington to Lose Jobs

Remington Arms Co. announced Friday that they will be consolidating some of their factories. For the plant in Ilion that means the lose of eighty jobs.

Remington arms announced today that they are consolidating some of their factories.  For the plant in Ilion that will mean losing eighty jobs, which has many worried.

"I think Remington is not long for this area," said Crazy Auto’s Empire Diner owner Kim Tranter.

Remington Arms said the production of two different lines of guns made in Ilion will be moving to their Huntsville Alabama factory.

That is worrisome for many in the Mohawk Valley.

"Jobs are scarce as they are around this area.  I think it’s going to make it difficult for a lot of families," said Sandra Drobot.

"It’s just the start of what’s going to go on in this valley. It’s a big fear that everybody here has and I think eighty jobs will lead to two hundred jobs, will lead to three hundred jobs," said Tranter.

People in the area said Remington isn’t to blame.

"I think our politicians in Albany they obviously don’t like weapons, they don’t believe in Remington, they don’t believe. They don’t believe in the products that Remington provides," said Tranter.

"I think the buck falls on the governor in a lot of ways. He's the one that’s supposed to be bringing jobs to the area and now jobs are leaving," said Drobot.

They said Remington is critical to the local economy.

"Anything that involves Remington leaving is just going to devastate this area," said Tranter.

Remington said that they will try to keep as many jobs as possible in the facilities that they are consolidating.

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