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Primary Election 2014: Following Rep. Richard Hanna

With the primary election underway eyewitness news takes a look at Rep. Richard Hanna's day.

Republican incumbent Richard Hanna is out and about in Central New York Tuesday.  He made a stop at Spressos coffee shop in Rome, NY.


“We don’t have a whole lot strategy for today,” said Representative Richard Hanna,” We have for a couple of months, course work towards today. Today's just an opportunity to go around and thank people who have helped us get involved in the campaign."

For people who just happen to be at the shop with Congressman Hanna they said it’s something that’s a positive.

“It does because it shows that he's willing to come out and stay connected with us,” said Eileene Dillman,” That’s the main thing.  We need to stay connected with our leaders.  The people we put into office they need to stay connected with us and our everyday life and what’s important to us."

“Definitely think it works in his favor because you just to know him more on a personal level," said college student Jessica Fazio.

Congressman Hanna said he thinks he's a good fit for the area and he said he hopes voters will see that as well.

“For me, I’m lucky.  I just, uh, it’s nice to be part of something that maybe there’s a chance to regrown and have a rebirth here," said Rep. Hanna.

The primary vote will decide who will represent the 22nd congressional district in Washington, DC.

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