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Investigating High Energy Costs

Homeowners across the Mohawk valley are seeing high energy costs from National Grid. We set out to find out why.

National grid says that its basic economics, supply and demand.


For the people of the Mohawk valley that’s not a good enough answer.


“It’s a big surprise when you open up your bill and you see the service charge doubled from what it was the previous month,” said homeowner Joe Gagnon.


"To price gouge like they're doing is totally uncalled for, there’s no reason for it," said homeowner Kevin Boyer.


Homeowners are starting to get frustrated with recent trends.


"For them to come out now in the last billing cycle and to raise our rates sixty to seventy percent like they did.  That’s ridiculous," said Boyer.


National grid says one contributing factor for the hike is the recent extremely cold winter.


National grid doesn’t make their own energy, they buy it.  They say change in the price from the maker of the electricity is also a factor.


"We rely on the supply of these generating plants and so when we buy the electricity we are passing that cost directly onto customers,” said National Grid spokeswoman Virginia Limmiatis.

“Its supply and demand. Things do go up.  We can appreciate it.  It’s just the date and age we live in, but to do this towards the end of the season.  That’s not right," said Boyer.


"I think it’s a disgrace.  I mean, there’s got to be other ways of doing this.  The people can’t afford it.  I mean, you just can’t do it no more," said Gagnon.


Homeowners say that something needs to change.


“I’m sure it’s not an easy fix.  Everyone has an answer and wants to point their finger at somebody else else, but the bottom line is the consumer is paying for everything," said Boyer.

New York state senator Chuck Schumer saying Wednesday that he wants to investigate the price hikes that upstate New York is seeing.



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