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Firefighter Fighting Cancer Gets Optimistic News

The community in the Mohawk valley has rallied around Kunkel Ambulance employee and Schuyler volunteer firefighter Anthony Pagliaro and he battles stage three colon cancer. Anthony, recently got good news about his fight.

Anthony Pagliaro’s fight against cancer isn’t an easy one.  High dose chemo therapy zaps his strength.  Up to this point he says it’s all worth it.


Anthony recently got results from his first CAT scan, since starting chemo in March, to check the progress of his colon cancer.


"I didn’t know what to expect going in there.  I was nervous and excited at the same time. "


Then some exciting news came from his doctor.


“Doctor first thing came in with a big smile on his face and she says, 'well, cat scan looks great, looks normal,' she says, 'there’s no sign of any cancer at all right now,'" said Anthony Pagliaro.

It’s an emotional time for Anthony and his whole family.

“When she said that it brought tears to my eyes,” said Anthony’s wife Nicole,” It’s amazing that, you know, everything that he's been through that there’s no sign of the cancer. "


The news is a big boost for them.


“It’s actually brought our spirits up great.  You know, we came home actually and we told our oldest daughter Alexis and he told her and he said 'daddy got the CAT scan results and there’s no more signs of cancer,' or whatever and she said, 'yay,'" said Nicole Pagliaro.

One of the first things Anthony did is ask a question.

"I actually asked my doctor that day, 'so, you going to clear me for work?' and she said, 'no, not yet.' but, couple more months,” said Anthony,” even if it’s another year.  I mean, I know we're getting there.  It’s slowly but surely and I’ll be there."

While the news is great for Anthony he's not completely out of the woods he still has to go through another round of chemo therapy to ensure the cancer is gone for good.


Anthony said none of this would be possible without all of the support from his EMS and firefighting family that is still collecting nonperishable items for his family with their stuff the bus campaigns.

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