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Fay St. Implosion Hoopla

Utica is about to experience something that doesn’t come a long very often. A major implosion. And tonight we have new details.

Utica is about to experience something that doesn’t come a long very often. 

A major implosion.  And tonight we have new details.

The implosion of the fay street warehouse isn't just going to help the arterial project.

This implosion was carried out in Florida in 2010 and that’s exactly what will happen to the fay street warehouse at 8 am, Sunday, February 9th.

"Pretty excited, because it seems like a vacant building and it’s going to hopefully, with the new road, improve the economy around here, I hope, " said Utica resident, Robert Wasyleski

One of the unexpected parts of the implosion is this: one local company is going to donate money to the utica youth bureau as a part of the implosion hoopla

 "With the Big Bang coming up and the Utica youth bureau, It’s something that we wanted to be a part of,” said operating partner for Hoopla frozen yogurt Scott Searles.

That’s why frozen treat specialty company hoopla will donate a dollar for every person who comes in to the two locations in Utica between Tuesday and Friday of this week.

The People of Utica are just excited for what this says about the future of the community.

"I think it’s kinda saying that we're progressing forward as a community. It’s something that different. I think it'll be good, somethin new. "

There’s a way that everyone at home can get the opportunity to push the button. 

The contest is being put on by WIBX and you can enter by either sending a post card into the station or tweeting at them using the hashtag #Uticabigbang2014.

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