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Farmers Push Back

Farmers and politicians fight against more government regulation on New York State farms.

Congressman Richard Hanna along with members of the New York farm bureau are pushing back against proposed farming regulations.

Hanna said the environmental protection agency is trying to expand federal regulations within the clean water act.  The group met Friday at Quiet Meadows Farm in Verona with other farmers and students.

They said the government already has enough control over farmers and more regulations could be harmful to business.

"We’re already dedicated stewards of the land; we care about the land, the water quality because this is our way of life so we have to make sure we do a good job so we can survive," said Quit Meadows Farm owner Howard Regner.

"It really would hurt small farms I mean we have enough controls on their lives they've been a farm here for sixty years do they really need more government control?  Do farmers need somebody to tell them how to be stewards of their own land?  I don't think so," said New York State Congressman Richard Hanna

The proposed regulations would allow the E.P.A. to expand on the definition of navigable waters on farm land.

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