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Family Reacts To Latest Homicide Victim

The grandmother of the man that has not been officially identified by Utica Police speaks out about her grandson.

The police are still investigating the shooting at this time and for the family members of the victim it’s a time of deep mourning and for the people who live in this neighborhood they say that this is really scary that something like this happened so close to home.

"It’s just so sad that his life been taken away so soon, cause he had so much to do, so much to learn, so much to give.  And now it’s been taken away from him and can’t be given back," said Martha Carter.

Martha's grandson who police have not officially identified was twenty two years old and going to college at MVCC.

"He was a family man also. He have a young son just turned one years old.  Always with his niece, his nephew.  Always with his brothers and stuff.  He was a good person. Very good heart," said Martha.

Some people who live in the neighborhood say that sometimes it can be a scary place to live.

"When I'm walking to my apartment sometimes I look behind me and just make sure no one is following and something, you know," said Nora Johnsen.

Martha says this crime is a senseless act of violence.

"These guns, it’s no good.  You can’t fight like that.  You have to fight with your mouth, not with weapons," said Martha.

The people that we talked to who live near the corner of Jewett place and Oneida St. along with the family members of the victims say that they just hope this crime is solved soon.

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