Family Grieves Death of Four Year Old Boy

Family Grieves Death of Four Year Old Boy

A four year old boy is dead Tuesday after being hit by a car Monday night around 5 p.m. Now, his family begins to grieve.

The four year old boy has now been identified as Zachary Htoo.  He and his family are from Burma and now, his family grieves his death.

"She says it’s really difficult because, like, she cannot even explain it because she lost her own nephew," said Mimi Chey.

Zachary’s aunt Mimi, who is speaking through a translator, said zachary and his siblings usually play outside.

"They usually play on the side of the road, just like happened yesterday. When he ran after the ball and then the cars sometimes come over speeding like that," said Mimi.

People who live in the neighborhood said there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood playing outside when school is out and the weather is nice.

They said a big responsibility for safety falls on drivers.

"The drivers have to watch the streets.  If you know that there are kids on the streets or certain streets. It’s not even this street.  It could be in East Utica or West Utica. It could be in any neighborhood that you may not even think there’s any kids at," said Arthur Carnney.

For Zachary’s family the grieving process begins with the gathering of the whole family.

"We just have to come together and then remember him and go through this, so that we can get better, feeling better," said Mimi.

Zachary’s aunt Mimi says something needs to change in the neighborhood, so this doesn’t happen again.

"She said she would like to have some sign, like children at play or whatever, because the whole street have a lot of children," said Mimi.

After a preliminary investigation police say the driver was not at fault for the accident.

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