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Erin Hamlin Meet and Greet

Erin Hamlin came out tonight to meet fans, but she did more than that at the event.

The event Monday night brought out a lot of fans wanting to meet Erin.  The kids at the event were overjoyed.

"Makes me feel excited that I finally get to know someone that I really wanted to meet," said Paige Serafin.

"Think it was pretty awesome, cause she's famous pretty much,” said Kamryn Kotary.

"It was really coo because she, like, won the medal and it was actually a real bronze medal from the Olympics," said Natalie Brewer.

Erin says that’s one of the best parts of events like this one.

"When I see all the little kids that get totally frozen like deer in head lights, it’s so cute. And it’s awesome and I'm really glad that I can be that positive influence," said Erin Hamlin.

Being a positive influence isn’t the only thing Erin did at this event.

She chose to give all the proceeds to Sitrin, which is a company helps provide adaptive sport equipment to disabled PEOPLE.

"It’s a great program that Sitrin is doing in giving people the opportunity to not let their injuries or disabilities hold them back, so it’s really exciting and I'm very happy to support it," said Erin Hamlin.

Sitrin says it does a lot more than allow disabled people to play sports.

"It’s amazing to see the difference it makes in their lives. It gives them a sense of purpose," said Sitrin spokeswoman Christa Serafin.

Some kids see Erin choosing Sitrin as another thing to look up to her for.

"I think it’s awesome that not only does Erin coming out to meet people, but also for a great charity and not only just signing the pictures, but everyone can donate a dollar and it goes to a great cause," said Taylor Kotary.

Erin will be playing in the Sitrin wheelchair basketball game on Thursday at Utica College with other central New York celebrities.

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