Countdown Cooperstown: All About Family Bonding

Countdown Cooperstown: All About Family Bonding

The Hall of Fame induction weekend brings families together. Eyewitness news takes a look at how baseball is the common denominator.

One of the first things people when they walk into the hall of fame are statues of Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente.  That just speaks to the history here at the Hall of fame.

The people in line to get in came here because of that history and they said that history is what bridges a generational gap between parents and kids.

"You know, to watch your son play and watch your grandson and baseball is still the greatest game in the world and to me its very heart warming," said grandparent Michael Pilewski.

"Parents are always there for you no matter what. They're always there," said Joey Pilewski.

Some parents said seeing their kids enjoy Cooperstown brings them back to when they were kids.

"Kinda rekindled my interest in sports and baseball,” said Wayne Costin of South Carolina,” we get so wrapped in coachin we forget why we like the game and bein here this week and walkin around and seein everything has made me remember why I love the game."

This weekend even lets them bond over players they loved as a kid.

"As he's growing up I tell them about all these players and it really doesn’t connect till you get here and get to walk through the hall of fame and get to see all the pictures and all their equipment and all the memories there," said Robert Eunice.

One family is even here to support their family member and Hall of Fame inductee Frank Thomas of the Chicago White Sox.

"It’s a great weekend to be here with the kids and to kinda give them the experience of learning about their uncle and learning about the history of baseball," said Lindsey White.

"The beauty about baseball is you pass it on from generation to generation and now my son brought him up to Cooperstown and now he will pass it on when he has children," said Michael Pilewski.

Parents said one of the best things that helps bridge that generational gap between them and their kids is the love of baseball cards because the baseball cards they idolized when they were kids is something their kids can pick up as well.

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