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Cars and Coffee Come to Baggs Square

Cars and Coffee Tuesday night brought out hundreds of people for an event to showcase that Baggs Square is back.

The organizers of the event tonight said cars and coffee is extremely important to get the attention of people who may not know that Baggs Square is back.

The presence of the restored classic cars is a metaphor for what is happening in Baggs Square.

"Kinda what we're doing with down town is kinda like redeveloping something and redesigning cars and bringing the cars new," said Heather Delia of Utica Coffee Roasting Company.

Cars aren’t the only thing at the event.

"Have a couple food vendors here, so just something different to have people come down to the Baggs Square area," said Delia.

One of the biggest parts about the event tonight is to draw attention to Baggs Square and they're doing that by bringing out a bunch of classic cars.

"They draw attention from every single aspect, so I would say that by bringing our type of cars down you can bring a whole bunch of different style people down," said classic car restorer Dave Tucci.

"It’s just more of a reason for people to want to come down to see everything that we have been doing, to see about the renovations," said Delia.

Organizers of the event said this type of event is vital for the future of the square.

"I think it is important, because it gets people to perhaps change their traffic patterns to come downtown to see what’s going on,” said Frank Forte.

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