Boilermaker Pasta Dinner Raised Big Bucks

Boilermaker Pasta Dinner Raised Big Bucks

This years Boilermaker pasta dinner raised big bucks for the United Way and part of that is because of twelve year old Chris Cooley.

For seventeen years a big part of boilermaker weekend has been the pre-race pasta dinner.  It's a way for runners to carbo-load but it's also a fundraiser for the united way.


Friday the boilermaker committee presented a check for 3,000 dollars to the united way and twelve year old Chris Cooley played a part.  He performed at the dinner and gave all the money he raised to the cause.


“Well, donation feels good and it’s nice to help out for all the causes and it’s just really good," said Chris.


Chris said he plans on playing his guitar at next year's boilermaker pasta dinner too.

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