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Bagg's Square's Future

What does the future hold for Bagg's Square in downtown Utica? That was the topic of discussion Tuesday night at Gerber's 1933 Tavern.

The current state of what people think about Bagg’s Square was a central topic that many are talking about, because they said without knowing what’s wrong, you don’t know what to fix.

For the people at the meeting they said the area has come a long way in the last five years and they see the trend of growth continuing.

"I think Bagg's square is going to be one of the first real success stories of a neighborhood kind of working together," said Bagg’s Square Association boardmember Michelle Truett.

A large group of people Bagg’s square is targeting to help grow the area are the people coming to the Mohawk valley for nanotechnology.

They say the increase in the number of lofts helps attract them, but things still need to improve.

"The type of employees that are coming for nanotechnology jobs are used to walkable communities," said Jennifer Waters of Mohawk Valley Edge.

They said that is a big next step for Bagg’s Square.

"In the future one of the first priorities is the walkability and connectivity of the neighborhood, where people can walk from Bagg’s Square east to Bagg’s Square west with ease and have the journey be part of the excitement for them," said Truett.

For some, they see Bagg's Square playing a major role in the growth that comes from the nanotech park.

"A lot of those employees will be living in down town Utica, not just in Bagg's Square, but in down town as a whole and it’s nice to have Bagg's square as an anchor of that,” said Waters.

The Bagg’s square association hopes that by working with advertisers and marketers the process of redevelopment will be quickened.

“This area grows it helps the whole city grow and ultimately that’s what we try to do is bring more jobs and interest and also more interest to our group, because as marketing professionals we want to see everything that we do become a bigger thing," said Advertising and Marketing Club member Meghan Fraser.

Some other improvements they want to see happen is better signage in the area, a green space for pets and recreations and to improve the overall look of the area.

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