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Arterial Construction Impacts Business

The arterial project construction is shutting down streets in west Utica. That is impacting businesses that call that area home.

One of the major streets that are closed is Columbia Street.  That street in west Utica has several businesses, which said the construction isn’t as bad as you might think.

The former Fay street warehouse came down with a bang.   Now, another loud noise is populating west Utica.

Business owners say that isn’t the most annoying part of the construction.

"The most annoying part of construction is when the road is closed," said business owner Ray Jadwick.

"It’s made it a little bit difficult certain days. They close this street regularly," said business owner Jim Engler.

As well as the pollution caused by the construction.

“Probably the dust from the demolition of the fay street warehouse and then they took all that and ground it last week and there’s just a tremendous amount of dust in the air here," said Engler.

The current banging will be going on all summer as part of the construction.

"They have to drive the piles. They go down to almost bedrock and then we build the footing around that, so it makes the bridge itself very stable, very strong," said DOT spokesman Jim Piccola.

Business owners said it’s not so bad.

"You kind of get used to it, the poundings every day," said Jadwick.

They said they're getting used to the construction in part because of how helpful the DOT has been through-out the whole process.

"They are doing everything they could to cooperate and try and make my life, and the business continue without too much problem," said Jadwick.

"It’s a necessary evil. If you want progress and the construction has to go on you have to deal with these kinds of things," said Engler.

The business owners said they want people to know they can still get to their shops from the Varrick Street side of Columbia Street.

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