American Legion Baseball Tournament

American Legion Baseball Tournament

The yearly state wide baseball tournament is on its way to Utica until the year 2020. What does that mean for the city economically?


A big event is coming to Utica.  Monday, the city announced that it will play host to a state-wide baseball tournament.


The New York state Legion Championship will be held in Utica through the year twenty-twenty.


The tournament will be hosted at Donovan stadium at Murnane field on Burrstone road starting on July 29th.


The tournament director said it will have a very positive economic impact on the area.


“Every year this tournament, based on what we did last year, is going to bring in a million dollars in revenue. Our expectation, the committees expectation and I’m certainly sure everyone else in this room would be to grow that number," said American Legion Tournament Director Mike Macchione.


He goes on to say that economic success comes from the quality of the baseball           being played.


The tournament will welcome hundreds of kids between ages thirteen and nineteen plus their families to the area. 

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