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4-D baby imaging

New technology lets parents see what their child really looks like.

New 4-d imaging technology

Looking at the baby through the 4d imaging system was like looking at a new born. I could see the baby's features clearly defined and even his eyes open and close. But what was even better about the experience - watching the parents see their baby boy for the first time. "You got to see your big brother" and his daugher Ella got to see the newest addition to their family up close and personal - and he's just 30 weeks old."It was definitely an experience to see him like this it makes it real that he's coming and to see him in a real image was great you know you just don't get to see that ever." At baby's debut in new Hartford, Shannon Nelson provides clients with three and four dimensional baby pictures. Her business is strictly entertainment - it does not replace the growth and development ultrasounds taken at a doctor's office. She says parents to be always leave feeling closer to their baby. "It looks like a new born, I mean especially the further along you get the more fat on the baby's face so it almost looks like they're right there."For the mother - seeing her son's ultrasound created an instant connection at just seven months into the pregnancy."It was exciting because in the other ones he kind of looked like an alien but in this one you actually got to see his face and his cheeks."Kristi  says in her first pregnancy she only saw her daughter in 2d images but this time around it's different."There's no comparison, it's so different he actually looks like a baby now." Nelson says you can get a 4d ultrasound done at any point during a pregnancy but the farther along the better.She is available by appointment only.

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