Witness Accounts Lead to Homicide Arrest

By Ana Rivera | arivera@wutr.tv

Published 08/04 2014 06:13PM

Updated 08/04 2014 06:16PM

It's a mentality that plagues cities all over the country...including right here in Utica.  A weekend homicide in Utica has left one man dead and one man in jail.   This marking the fourth murder of the year in Utica.

Many times crimes go unsolved due to an understood “no snitching” policy among neighbors, friends and family.

But in this case, a neighborhood did speak up - and that led to the speedy arrest of a suspect. A sign that a changing culture could make sure justice is served.

According to police, early Sunday morning around 3 am, 19-year-old Eugino Correa was stabbed to death outside of apartments on Bleecker Street.

Officers spoke to witnesses at the scene and were able to use the descriptions to make an arrest.  40-year-old Pablo Contreas was arrested a few blocks away from the scene.

“There were several witnesses that we talked to  that saw the incident and gave that information to the original responding officer,” says Chief Mark Williams, Utica Police Department.

This is homicide number four of the year for Utica.  But unlike the others, people came forward and an arrest was made.

But even though it was the people that stepped forward and told the police what they saw, that wasn't the case today.  Eyewitness News spent a lot of time on Bleecker Street trying to talk to people about what happened here and many said they didn't want to speak.

“Basically what ends up happening is when you have people not willing to talk about what's going on, it leads to more violence and you become a prisoner in your own neighborhood,” says Chief Williams.

And this is something some families are still dealing with.  In January, Dawn Kenney-Brown begged people to come forward after her son was murdered outside of two jay's bar.

“Please tell me something.  Tell the police something.  We need closure.  My son is not going to rest in peace and I’m not going to rest until somebody says something,” Kenney-Brown says.

But to no avail.  Kenney-Brown’s son’s murder is still unsolved.  And after spending time trying to get information from people in Utica, it's safe to say the “no snitch” mentality is one that's simply a part of the culture.

Police say Contreas did admit to stabbing Correa.  The motive is still unknown and the investigation is ongoing.

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