Winter Windshield Wipers

Central New York is known for its heavy snow and ice accumulation. During this time of the year, it's common for people to get snow tires on their cars, but it is also important to get winter windshield wipers.

Matt Nimey, owner of Nimey's The New Generation says it is very important to have good wiper blades, especially this time of the year.

" When it is cold, it makes the rubber stiff," Nimey explained. "So during the winter, you need soft pliable rubber, so that when it is really cold, it does not skip across the glass."

Nimey says that when cleaning the snow off your car, tap on the wipers to get the ice off and defrost the windshield before actually turning the wipers on. He says that it is very common for people to break their windshield wipers in the winter, especially after snow storms.

If you do end up breaking one, he says to wrap a cloth around the wiper so that the metal does not scrape and crack your windshield.  


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