West Uticans Concerned About Post-Implosion Air Quality

By Julia Rose

Published 03/26 2014 11:16PM

Updated 03/26 2014 11:16PM

No one likes dirty air but some people saying that's just what they have to live with after the implosion of Utica’s Fay Street Warehouse.
The Concerned Citizens of West Utica group met Wednesday night to discuss issues of public safety, including air quality.
The Big Bang 2014 happened right in West Utica which is why many of the people who live there are now concerned about the aftermath. At Wednesday Night's meeting people voiced concerns about the debris pile that remains and its effect on the air quality.
"There’s an awful lot of noise with the trucks but the air quality is very very poor,” said Barbara Mickler.
Mickler lives in West Utica and is President of the Board of Directors of the West Side Senior Center. She says people at the center are experiencing some health issues because of all of the dust.
"There has been an increase in respiratory infections, sinus infections, things like that and we notice over at the center every morning we have to wipe everything down because of the dust that accumulates there,” said Mickler.
She wasn't alone in voicing this concern but Jim Piccola of the Department of Transportation says the dust accumulation is not just from the warehouse implosion.
"All winter long we've had salt on the roads not just from the D.O.T. but from the city and stuff is starting to dry out, mud on the roads,” said Piccola.
Piccola also says his crews are working hard to keep the dust in check. Still, some are worried.
"On Spring Street you're getting fall out rolling off of that pile they've been very good about keeping it out of the road but it seems to me that it could flow over into the road if they're not really careful,” said Robert Mickler who lives in West Utica.
People at the meeting say they're hoping the pile of debris is removed by the summer and that the dust will begin to clear.

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