Veteran's Day Celebration

Honoring those who serve.

 Today is a very special day for Jim George. As a veteran and commander at the American Legion in Utica, Jim is honoring those who served by placing wreaths at the local military memorials.
"I just hope people take this day and understand. You know our veterans and the problems they are going through," Jim said. "You know, especially with the homelessness too. You've got 300,000 veterans estimated today walking the streets homeless."
He says that homelessness isn't the only issue that is impacting veterans, but also PTSD.

"On average there is one veteran taking their life every two hours. And if this is a way to champion their cause, or bring their causes to light that most people don't think of... my way of still serving is to bring this issues out so people can understand this," Jim explained.

Jim's nephew, 8 year old Marius Loomis, says someday he too would like to serve in the United States military. "I would love to go into the military because my Uncle Jimmy served, my mom served, and my grandpa served," Marius said.

Marius says veterans deserve to be honored because of the sacrifices they make while serving.
"You need to have a day to serve veterans and that they served for us and to protect America."

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