Verdict Watch Continues, Conley Murder Trial

UTICA NY - After a full day of deliberations, the jury in the Kaitlyn Conley murder trial will return Monday to continue their discussions. 

Conley currently faces a second degree murder charge for allegedly poisoning her boss Dr. Mary Yoder in the summer of 2015.

Yoder began to feel ill on July,20,2015 her patients recalling on the witness stand the once vibrant, cheerful personality appeared "green" and "ill."

Yoder returned to her home to sleep it off, for her condition only to worsen overnight. By suggestion of her daughter, Mary's husband Bill takes her to St.Lukes hospital for evaluation. Just 24 hours following her admission, Mary died after suffering multiple heart attack and leaving doctors without a clue what they fighting against.

Conley also faces charges of falsifying business records, and petit larceny for allegedly forging the Yoder name to pay for a parking ticket. 

Jury deliberations continue Monday morning at 10 a.m.

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