Valley Residential Services is Expanding

Valley Residential Services in East Herkimer has received $300,000 from the Community Foundation. That money will be used for a $14,000 ft. expansion to accommodate 14 new rooms and potentially 28 new residents.

Construction for the new wing started just a few days ago, but people who are living here now are already excited to see the new changes.

"A person that I grew up with, not, one of my neighbors in Dolgeville was down there and she said Shirley you better come up here it's a lot of fun," said Shirley Mosher, a residet at Valley Residential Services.

Mosher has been living in a one bedroom at valley residential services since last august. She said it feels like home, and wants others like her to get the same experience. Therefore, the new addition is essential, considering it's one of the only assisted living facilities in the area.

"Where are these people going to go who want to live in a place like this, where is there another place," Mosher said.

Residents are patiently waiting for the project to be finished, even though it will be a year until the two million dollar expansion is complete, as they're still working out the financial details.

"We are looking for grants, we are also looking for private donations. None of the funding for the project is coming from government funding," said Jennifer Miller the Administrator for Valley Residential Life Services.

The new wing will include larger rooms, suitable for couples.

"Two of the apartments are actually going to have a bath and a half as well as a den. All apartments are equipped with a kitchenette, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and sink," Miller said.

But Shirley doesn't plan on moving.

"I like where I am, the last kid on the block," Mosher said.

Shes excited to meet her new neighbors.

"It isn't what I, any of us actually want when you have a home. But I think I made a good choice," Mosher said.

If you'd like to get on the waiting list, you can contact the main number to ask questions about the facility or get a tour.

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