Utica Gets Funding to Fix Roads

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/07 2014 06:30PM

Updated 07/07 2014 06:34PM

The City of Utica is receiving over one point five million dollars in funding from different sources to help fix the roads in Utica.


Deep ruts in the road all over Utica make people frustrated.

“Horrible, horrible,” said Classie Boyd,” all these bumps tearin up tires, tearin up people’s cars.  You can’t run without the whole car shakin.  You can’t run down a calm street."

"I think they're the pits and then the car jumps and their awful," said Carry Hayes.

“This year the roads seem to be in less good condition than I’ve ever seen them, especially the more side streets," said Denise Morgan.

The City of Utica is receiving more money than any other city in Oneida County to fix roads.

"I think it'll be a start,” said Morgan,” I don’t know if it will fix all of them some of them seem so bad that patching may not be an option for them and if they just patch em they'll probably go bad again."

The options for fixing the roads are three fold, according to the DOT:


-The city can choose the most expensive option of completely repaving a stretch of road, which will last around ten years.


-A less expensive option includes partial repaving that could last two to five years.


-The least expensive is patching, but that could only last through one season of rough weather.


“That’s something I feel like should be a vote or should be something that everyone should decide on, not just a very couple people,” said Micahel Perri,” people that actually live in the city should be able to decide on that one."


People said all they want is to have nicer roads.


"A nice smooth pavement, so nobody gets hurt," said Hayes.


“They've worked on the more major roads,” said Morgan,” I think now they've got to get some of the side streets."


The City is not saying which option they will choose as of yet.

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