Tragedy on Route 12

By Ana Rivera |

Published 08/26 2014 11:08PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:12PM

Two people are dead on Tuesday night after a motorcycle and car collision in Boonville.  The wreck left the car involved engulfed in flames.  And neither operator of the vehicles survived the accident.

It happened late afternoon near the intersection of Route 12 and Kerwin Road in Boonville.  The vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on Rt. 12.

Police shut down Rt. 12 just past the Rt. 12 and 28 split causing back-ups during the evening commute.

Cars waited in line to be re-routed as they came to the intersection of Egypt Road and Route 12.  But just beyond the closure...two lives lost.

“Both the operator of the motorcycle and the motor vehicle have died.  And currently the sheriff's office, our criminal investigation unit is here; our forensics id unit for the accident reconstruction is on the scene,” says Sheriff Rob Maciol.

According to police, around 4:15 Tuesday evening the driver of the car was traveling southbound on route 12 preparing to turn left onto a side road when it collided with a motorcycle going northbound.

“At first I heard the motorcycle go by at probably like 100 miles an hour but obviously no way to be sure just by hearing it.  I came outside to check it out by the side of the road, walked up a little more and saw flames coming from a car at the scene of the accident,” says Ryan Borwick, witness.

Borwick lives only feet away from where the accident occurred.  He says high speeds are not uncommon on that stretch of route 12.

"People usually don't follow the speed limit directly.  Instead of going 55 like it's posted they usually go 65, sometimes even more.  I mean pulling into our driveway, sometime I’ll be slowing down and they'll be right on my bumper," he says.

But police say they do not think that intersection is the scene of many accidents. The cause of the accident is still unknown so it's not clear if speed was a factor.

If you have any information about the accident, please call the sheriff’s office at (315) 765-2226.

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