Tornado Leaves Town of Deerfield Devastated

By Julia Rose

Published 07/09 2014 06:19PM

Updated 07/09 2014 06:22PM

A confirmed tornado touched down in Deerfield Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service, with 80 miles per hour winds. The tornado destroyed homes and left Deerfield residents devastated. Wednesday, cleanup crews and neighbors spent the day trying to repair the damage.

"I’ve lived here since 1976, this has been our family home and to see it get destroyed and all of the trees destroyed I can't imagine what people do when they have no house, at least I still have a house standing,” says Michele Romano of Deerfield.

But it was a close call. Romano and her grandson were sitting in their Deerfield home watching the storm when they suddenly realized it was no ordinary shower.

"When I first saw, looked up in the sky and saw everything flying in a circle and I heard this noise that I can't even describe and I’ll never hear this noise again and it was just such power and when I saw a tree go whipping by the back deck, that's when I knew we needed to get in the basement, I knew it wasn't just a storm anymore,” said David Gonzalez, Romano’s grandson.

"My grandson said ‘I think it's a tornado, we need to go in the cellar,’ so we went to the cellar, we started going through the dining room, the black window flew out of the house and we just ran into the cellar,” said Romano.

The back window and the wall need replacing and their deck also took a serious beating. But Romano says she considers herself lucky.

"I can't imagine people that have really no house no nothing to go back to so, I feel lucky there."

Crews from across Oneida County, Trenton, Kirkland and Deerfield pitched in to help with damage. They will likely be cleaning up until late next week.

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