World Class Performance in Cooperstown

By Kody Fisher

Published 06/19 2014 06:38PM

Updated 06/19 2014 06:42PM

The Glimmerglass Festival is home to some of the best opera around.  It brings in singers from all across the country. There’s even one local singer who's a part of the company.


"You can feel the energy from the audience,” said Ilion singer Beth Lytwynec,” you're not far away. It’s not like Chicago or the met. It’s a very intimate setting."


Beth is from Ilion and she had her first Glimmerglass experience in high school.


"When I first saw people up on the stage I immediately thought that I wanted to be up there and I wanted to experience that for myself,” said Beth,” rather than watching it I was getting rather ancy actually in the audience."


Beth is lucky enough to be a part of the young artist program.


"The odds are, I don’t know, we usually say two percent or something. It’s crazy. It’s like getting into Harvard," said Beth.


Which the director said speaks to the overall quality.


"We're providing an international level of culture, music, art, and theatre in Central New York that is unparalleled almost anywhere else in America," said Artistic & General Director of Glimmerglass Francesca Zambello.


She said the productions are unique


"I think going to a live performance is like nothing else. You're experiencing something that you and the people that are there with you win the theatre are getting in the moment," said Zambello.


They are pushing hard to let people right here in Central New York about the festival.


"I know so many city folk come up here to see the shows and I'm just trying to get more of the upstate folks here, because it’s right here in our backyard. A lot of times we don’t think about coming to the Opera," said Beth.


The Glimmerglass Festival begins July 11th and ends on August 23rd.


The director said there is something for everyone with tickets starting at ten dollars.

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