Time to Care: International Inspiration

By Ana Rivera | arivera@wutr.tv

Published 06/27 2014 10:45PM

Updated 06/27 2014 10:48PM

The Mohawk Valley is known as one of the most giving areas in the United States.  But we don't only give in to our own country…Our reach is far and wide.  And one chiropractor is doing just that.

“One time I went down and I had a Captain America shirt on and we were up in this little mountain village and it was like dirt poor.  And all the kids come running out and they're like, ‘Captain America, Captain America!’  they're giving me hugs and I’m thinking to myself, here we are in this really poor section where they don't even have houses you know they're sleeping in like tents and the kids know who Captain America is,” says Dr. Paul Mickler, Mission Life International.

Meet Dr. Mickler.  For the past two and a half years he's traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic with Mission Life International--a group of chiropractors that travel to third world countries and offer their services free of charge.

"You see a lot of gratitude from people and it's genuine.  It's not what are you doing for me. They're more like thank you for loving me, considering me and helping me out," he says.

Utica is nearly 2,000 miles away from Haiti.  But still here in the Mohawk Valley we managed to leave our mark.

The Westside Senior Center helped to raise about $800 to put a water purification system in a Haitian orphanage.

"And if they see somebody struggling they're willing to pitch in and help out which makes me proud to be from this area,” he says.

Dr. Mickler leaves for Haiti on Saturday morning...and he says he can't wait to get down there.

"Just to see my friends and my family that I consider it's great.  And to help out the kids and help out their parents and help out everybody in general that's what I really enjoy.  And the beach is pretty good too."

If you would like to help give back during Dr. Mickler's trip you can bring donations to the Westside Senior Center in west Utica. 

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