Teachers Out of Work

By Mary Wilson | marwilson@wutr.tv

Published 03/27 2014 06:18PM

Updated 03/27 2014 06:20PM

Nearly 100 Utica City School District employees out of work. As we've reported, it's all part of a 7-millon-dollar cut to the district budget. The superintendent saying a lack of state and federal funds are to blame for the deficit. Of the 100 employees that will lose their jobs, 52 are classroom teachers. Eyewitness News reached out to the president of the Utica Teacher's Association today who says her colleagues are devastated and worried about the impact this will have on our area's youth.
"Sadly to say we had to make seven-million dollars in cuts, 53 of them were teaching positions and it's very sad and the end result is we will have larger class sizes," said Superintendent Bruce Karam.
The layoffs came yesterday--and today teachers telling Eyewitness News, it still hasn't sunk in. One of them, who wasn't available to go on camera, said his concern is more for the students rather than the jobs lost.
"Education should not only be about maintaining but progression," said Proctor High School student Delvin Moody.
"We have on computer lab without sufficient computers for one class," said Proctor High School student Trinh Truong.
The district is unique in that it has a large and growing refugee population.
"The aid needs to be distributed fairly and equitably especially to a high needs district like us the only one in the area that is growing in population," said Karam.
That's even more reason, protestors say, that Utica should get its fair share.
We'll find out if the district gets more state aid by April 1st--the deadline for the state budget. The public will get a chance to vote on the budget at the end of May.

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