Summer Fun in Cooperstown

By Kody Fisher

Published 06/20 2014 06:31PM

Updated 06/20 2014 06:35PM

The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown is one of the villages’ biggest draws.  Over five thousands kids visited since April 12th.  Some of those are even traveling from out of state to do it.


Seeing a horse plow, or seeing a master blacksmith mold medal is just a few things kids can see at the museum.

"I think it’s great.  I'm having a blast,” said Harlan Rowe middle school student Selkie Bishop,” we get to walk around and play games from this time period."

Selkie is part of a group of middle school students all the way from Athens Pennsylvania.

"it’s only two hours away.  It’s a nice ride,” said Harlan Rowe teacher Jay White,” it’s a clean safe place.  It’s something the kids enjoyed.  We did it in the past and they enjoyed it then, so we thought we'd bring them back."

The museum said the kids like it so much because of how hands on it is.

“Well, it’s a living history museum.  I mean, you couldn’t get more fascinating in terms of history because it’s not on a page.  It’s right there, you can step right into it."

"I love looking at the buildings.  I think they look all really cool and i especially like the stone ones like that one over there," said Selkie.

Besides the historical district here at the Farmers’ Museum one of the biggest draws is the carousel.

"I love the carousel.  I in fact rode on a squirrel.  It was great!  They have all sorts of animals! "

The kids said there is a feeling of awe while at the museum.

“Something just amazing inside that makes you feel like this is really time preserving," said Harlan Rowe Middle school student Rohnin Bishop.

The museum is open every day during the summer and only costs six dollars for kid’s seven to twelve and is free to kids six and under.  The museum said they get around two hundred and fifty to three hundred kids a day visiting the museum.

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