Spice Up Thanksgiving with a Side Dish Idea from Jamo's in Herkimer

Thanksgiving is almost here.  Do you have your dishes ready?  If not, here's an idea for your family oriented meal.

Jamo's Restaurant and Bar in Herkimer won't be open on turkey day or Black Friday--but they do want to share the holiday season with you.  Head Chef David, created a Brussel Sprout Bacon dish that he calls a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving meal that his mom would prepare.  And says it's an easy recipe for beginners.

"It's easy, it all comes together very well.  As long as you're not stepping away from the stove and you stir it constantly no on will have a problem creating this."

David says this dish takes 15 minutes to prep and 30 minutes once in the oven.  He says that you can substitute the bacon bits for vegetarian options like walnuts and cranberries.  But the secret to the taste is in the cheesy sauce.

"The important part is that when you're making the sauce, to make sure that the cheese is completely melted and to stir to thicken the sauce to have the cheese fully incorporated into the entire dish."

For those who don't want to test their cooking skills, you can get a tasting of this for Wednesday's Date Night paired with pork chops at Jamo's.  But if you want to cook this yourself, here's the recipe right from the Chef:

2 pounds brussel spouts
1/4 pound cooked bacon
4 cups heavy cream
2 cups Gruyere cheese
3T butter
1/4 cup flour

and enjoy!

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