Special Visitors at Utica City Hall

UTICA, NY---- Mayor Robert Palmieri had special visitors at City Hall this afternoon.

Mayor Palmieri led the way as he showed 24 children from the Children's Center on Genesee Street  around City Hall.

"Today our kids got to see an inside look at how our city operates, and we are happy to be here," said The Children Center's Director, Alison Mundschenk.

The children have been learning about Utica's revitalization. Today, they had a civics lesson by learning about the city's local government first hand.  The mayor explained his job to the children, and they asked him questions about the city. The mayor led them from his office down to the comptrollers office. There, the children learned about how tax money is spent, and for visiting got a piece of candy. 

"Until today, they didn't know the different laws, how the mayor walks around," said Mundschenk. "They need to know these kinds of facts, so that they can know their potential in the future."

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