Snow Clean Up Continues

Area roadways are still narrow, but gradually starting to look like their old selves.
The Department of Public Works commissioner Dave Short tells me snow clean up is nearly finished. Thanks to the governor's aid and many other agencies getting involved the process is moving quite rapidly.

 "We're probably at 95%."  said Utica's Department of Public Works Commissioner Dave Short. He says there's still a couple of stragglers but for the most part cars have been towed and removed from the streets allowing them to speed up the snow removal process.

"We've been resuming our snow removal operations which has been really progressing fast." He says they owe it to the governor stepping in with the department of transportation, the National Guard, the Office of General Services and thanks to County Executive Anthony Picente, county crews and outside contractors.

"We did Genesee Street and a couple other areas, we're gonna start concentrating on schools and hospitals start removing the snow to really open those up."

Trucks began dumping snow  at the parking lot on Elm St. and the Memorial Pkwy, Short tells me the location is one of the few destinations in the city that has been designated just for that.

"There's several actually, Leland Ave., there's two on Leland Ave, there's one on elm st of the elm st parking lot by the rec center, there's one at Buckley pool and one at Greeman estates."

Their next highest priority is clearing out all of the fire hydrants in the city, short says their newest partner is The Mohawk Valley Water Authority who's been helping clear those out along with Utica fire and the national guard.

"There's 1,900 fire hydrants throughout the city, we discussed our approach to that which is multiple forces to go in and try to work around the clock to expose these things."

Because they were able to move so rapidly the mayor lifted the snow emergency today. As of two o'clock this afternoon the city allowed on street parking.

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