Severe Storm Damage: Picking Up the Pieces

By Ana Rivera |

Published 06/18 2014 10:47PM

Updated 06/18 2014 10:50PM

It was a short but powerful storm.  And it left local homeowners working together to pick up the pieces.  It came in quickly and left quickly.  And it wasn't a friendly guest.  Tuesday night's storm left many in the Mohawk Valley picking up the pieces--Including highway crews that had been out on the roads since Tuesday night.

“Last night's storm with all the wind took down a lot of trees, power lines so we're going to have to deal with all that stuff to get it cleaned up,” says Sam Arcuri, Deerfield Highway Department.

And for some local homeowners, that meant waking up to a big mess.

“It's going to take some time it'll be a month before she gets back in the house,” says Joseph Boula.

At one time all of the debris was a barn.  It was full of hay and different types of equipment.  And now all that remains are the walls and the roof that have been thrown into a front.  And believe it or not, the woman that was sleeping in the bedroom is safe and sound.

“Somebody pulled in the driveway so I was watching them and they came up to the house and says I think you better go up the road, up to your mother-in-laws, because half the house is blown down.  I told them they were crazy.  I drove up the road here and sure enough half the barn was blown across the road you couldn't get through the road and the house was caved in,” says Boula.

With the help of his neighbors, Boula kicked in the door.

"She was sound asleep in bed.  She slept right through the whole thing," he says.

Despite the total loss of the barn and the major damage to the house...Boula says it could've been much worse.

"Where the storm come from I have no idea.  But hopefully it stays where it come from and don't come back," Boula says.

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