Of the five candidates running for mayor of Rome, three have voiced support of a local tech manufacturer.

Andro provides research, engineering, and technical services to defense and commercial industries.
Candidates including current Mayor Joseph Fusco have endorsed Andro to become more involved with the growth of Andro's facilities at the beeches professional campus in Rome.
Andro is prepping to meet with the MV-500 committee to discuss adding a new science and engineering program that also emphasizes arts and entertainment.

Andrew Drozd, The President and Chief Scientist, of Andro says, "We want to transform this entire 55 plus acre property, into essentially and educational and research campus, but it will have certain amenities that like the arts would have like an amphitheater or restaurants, or other kinds of things that would appeal to the younger generation. And this is partly what we're doing is we're trying to create an environment that will draw kids, young people and people in general, here to the activities."

Andro also hopes to form partnerships with local small businesses and academic institutions as part of the presentation for the committee.

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