Remington Reactions: Causing a Crossfire

By Ana Rivera |

Published 08/19 2014 06:42PM

Updated 08/19 2014 06:43PM

More than 100 Remington Arms employees learning that in less than a week, they will be out of work.  That in the latest round of lay-offs at the Ilion gun-maker.

And on Tuesday, no promises that the company won't cut even more workers.

This comes after Remington Arms announced in May that two gun-production lines would be moved to a new plant in Alabama.  On Tuesday, the village of Ilion reacting to the 105 lay-offs.

On Monday, Remington Arms announcing the consolidation of the Bushmaster and R1 lines at the Ilion manufacturing site.

“We're just numbers to them.  If you don't like it, there's the door.  They can always hire somebody else,” says Richard Hall, employee.

And on Tuesday Eyewitness News tried to speak with Remington officials about the fate of the Ilion plant, but with no luck.  The vice president of Remington, Paul Merth said he could not make a statement unless approved by the Remington public affairs department.  Instead they sent us this statement saying “yesterday's reduction in force is a result of this strategic business decision and a softening market.”  Which is something some in Ilion say they understand.

“They are like most businesses; you do what's best for the company.  That's not necessarily what's always best for the people,” says Joanne Moore, Deputy Mayor.

But for some in Ilion this is a devastating blow.  And after 42 years of working at the plant, Hall says this could be detrimental to the entire Mohawk Valley.

“You're going to see another one.  They won't say it but we know there's going to be another lay off. If this place goes the valley is dead,” Hall says.

And the fate of this Remington site in Ilion is still uncertain.  But people hope that this won't be the beginning of the end of a 200-year tradition in the village.

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