Rebuilding and Remembering the Deerfield Tornado

By Ana Rivera |

Published 08/21 2014 06:42PM

Updated 08/21 2014 06:51PM

The Mohawk valley deals with severe winter weather every year. Summer is our time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. But this summer was different. A tornado left Deerfield picking up the pieces and nearly two months later they're remembering and rebuilding.

“You come into something and you pull into this house and you saw the wall mangled in with the trees mangled in with the shed and all sorts of good stuff you're just in awe. You don't know what to expect,” says Ryan Williams, Hughes Construction.

Ryan Williams is a carpenter working on the Wilson of the hardest hit homes in Deerfield.

“The house is good. It's solid. And even though we lost this end you can't predict a storm like we had,” says Dave Wilson, homeowner.

One whole side of the Wilson garage looked was ripped off. And now slowly but surely it’s being put back together. But Wilson says there were times he didn't want to rebuild.

"I stopped and looked at the property and I said, 'You know, Evelyn, I don't even want to live here anymore.' Because it was so depressing with the 60-foot evergreens that we lost. We lost 10 of them. And it was kind of a depressed looking thing."

But the Wilson’s weren't ready to give up yet.

“things started to happen. And as you can see now these are the final steps and we'll be having a new house before you know it. And it's going to change the appearance of the neighborhood again," he says.

But Wilson says he knows that even though it was a long road, at the end of the day he and Evelyn will rebuild but always remember that day.

"It just takes time, patience, a little bit of money and with that it's all coming together for us. Everything is all good. Everything is all good, we're up and running."

The Wilson’s plan to have the siding and roof completely finished next week. And Mr. Wilson says he can't wait to put a new shed in the back yard as well.

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