Ready to Recover in North Utica

By Ana Rivera |

Published 07/14 2014 11:12PM

Updated 07/14 2014 11:15PM

Evidence of last week's storm still lingers on homeowners' properties and along roadways.  On Monday night, people of north Utica are asking the city what's next?

It was a storm that left many in awe of the damage that it left behind--leaving behind what some described as a war zone.

“You know you're always prepared for them but when you drive through it's almost like you're seeing a movie,” says Jack LoMedico, councilman-at-large.

The day after the storm crews were on the scene helping neighbors pick up the debris left from the strong storms but evidence of the storm still lingers throughout north Utica.

“I have such a pile of mess in front of my house, i was just wondering when they're going to get it and how soon,” says Jim Santa Maria, of north Utica.

On Monday, city officials opened a forum for the people of north Utica to ask questions about the clean-up efforts. 

“It brings out a lot of issues. People are asking for answers to certain questions and people are going to be asking other people and yes, I really do think it's going to help,” says Ron Vincent, of north Utica.

Some discovered tree stump removal--a common issue for many--would be left to homeowners unless the stump is located on city property.  But overall, the forum was a chance for the city to find out what they did wrong and what they did right.

“They were wonderful.  The city, DPW, did a heck of a job.  Very good," Santa Maria says.

The people of north Utica also talked about looking forward.  They say they plan to look into some type of emergency system that could help warn homeowners sooner.

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