Reaction from prosecution and defense after Conley's Dateline episode

Since Friday's episode of Dateline featuring the Kaitlyn Conley case, both the prosecution and the defense have mixed feelings about how her story was portrayed. But there's one thing they can agree on.

"I would have been happier if they had actually put out the evidence that I think was what created the conviction," said Scott McNamara, the Oneida County District Attorney.

"You had two trials. They covered, in-depth, the investigation and the first trial. But they tried to squeeze in the last 15 minutes the second trial," said Frank Policelli, Kaitlyn Conley's Defense Attorney.

Aside from this observation, Frank Policelli does not have many other oppositions to the episode.

"I don't think it effects this case at all," Policelli said. 

But McNamara said the segment is filled with allegations.

"They implied throughout that show which I thought was sad in a way, was that bill was having an affair with his sister-in-law and I wish they literally would have looked at the evidence," McNamara said. 

Evidence including text messages between William Yoder and Kathy Richmond that McNamara said proves their relationship did not begin until after Mary Yoder's death. 

In a similar play on the alleged affair, the show focused on a visit Mary paid to her sister's house, implying she had something to tell her about William. Instead, McNamara asks us to consider this. 

"She might of said something to somebody that got back to Mary that Mary didn't like. And maybe Mary went over there to pick a fight with her," McNamara said. 

And as far as the portrayal of Conley, McNamara said her lack of empathy only confirms her guilt. 

"She never in that interview or any time during the trial ever cried for Mary Yoder," McNamara said. 

The defense disagrees. 

"She was portrayed as the person she is, she's a good person she's a normal person. She's not a killer," Policelli said. 

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