Rally at New Hartford Hobby Lobby

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/24 2014 09:14PM

Updated 07/24 2014 11:45PM

This debate is a contentious one between the people in New Hartford Thursday.  Both sides firmly believe they’re right.
The debate is all because of the Supreme Court decision that allows company's like Hobby Lobby to not provide contraceptives because of their religious beliefs.
"Once it starts to affect the freedoms of other individuals and encroach upon that, then that’s where I think we need to draw the line.  That’s exactly what this is doing.  It’s affecting individual people’s lives.  It’s putting a damper on their rights," said protester against the decision Amy Francisco-Nugent.
“These are not medical necessities we are talking about.  If they want contraception they can pay for it themselves just like people have always done.  I don’t know why the employer should be forced or think that have to be forced into doing something like that if that’s not what they believe in," said a Hobby Lobby supporter Carla Locaccio.
Some protesters said it comes down to a constitutional debate.
"I just think that we need to stop nit picking on women’s rights and stick to the original constitution with the separation of church and state," said protester against the decision Sonny Cardinal.
"I think that trying to force hobby lobby into the position that these people want is against the Constitution.  I just feel like it’s their freedom to do that," said Hobby Lobby supporter Ed Urbanik.
While other people at the protest say it goes even farther than that into a religious debate.
"I believe that they're not really against hobby lobby, they're against god.  That’s what it comes down to," said Hobby Lobby supporter Brit Rose.
"I wish that the people in charge of these corporations instead of doing what they think what Jesus would want, or Jesus would do, would take a look at the lives of the individuals that they're effecting, because these decisions ultimately effect individual people’s lives," said Francisco-Nugent.
This debate is not over.  A bill in the senate is still alive that would overrule the Supreme Court’s decision from a few weeks ago.

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