Prospect Picking up the Pieces

By Kody Fisher

Published 07/09 2014 06:12PM

Updated 07/09 2014 06:24PM

The village of prospect is still cleaning up Wednesday from the storm that ripped through their small town Tuesday.


Cleanup in Prospect starts with getting a massive tree off of power lines.

People in the village said this storm was a little different than normal.


“We’ve had storms before but nothing to this extreme," said Patricia Meyers.

“Pretty rare, the last one to take a TV antenna down was, I don’t know, twenty years ago," said Chris Pepe.

Patricia Meyers lives in prospect and during the storm she said it was scary.


“We heard a big boom to the right of the house, we looked out, we seen nothing and then we heard another really, really big loud sound," said Meyers.

That’s when they saw the telephone pole on top of her friends totaled car.  Now, the cleanup of this mess begins.


"Glass of course from the windows, windshield and cars all over, but our main thing is to get all the wires off the house," said Meyers.

That’s exactly what national grid is working on today.  People in prospect are trying to think positive through the cleanup.


“It’s frustrating, but all in all, I mean, you see stories and reports where things are really bad, you know, I’ve got a little bit of a mess.  I'm pretty lucky," said Pepe.

"The main thing is that everybody is safe.  Trees and poles can be replaced, so we're fine, we're not going anywhere," said Meyers.

As the people in prospect clean up national grid is also there trying to get the power up and running.  Earlier Wednesday they said they didn’t know how long it would be to get the power back.

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