Pre-K registration

What parents need to know ahead of time

ROME, N.Y. - Preschool registration for schools across the Mohawk Valley is in full swing, but parents who have never been through this process before may have questions. And there are some common misconceptions, according to Dana Benzo, director of the Rome Early Childhood Program.

Often times families may wait until September or August to register their child, but typically early childhood programs start the registration process in February or March. Because of this, if parents wait too long, they may lose out on a spot for their child. Another misconception, is that children are too young to start attending school when they're either three or four-years-old. Benzo said it's actually a good thing to send your children earlier.

"Based on research, the earliest a child can get in and start to learn ready-to-learn behaviors, build that foundation to have a love of learning, they do better in school and have an easier transition into kindergarten," she said.

Parents will need to get things together ahead of registration for a smoother time. This includes proof of residency, which could be anything ranging from a utility bill, rent check or landlord statement. This is in order to prove you live within the district you're enrolling your child. The child's birth certificate is also needed for registration. 

Schools also need the child to have a recent physical - for example, to register this year anything dated after January, 1, 2018 meets the requirement - and up to date vaccinations.

The following vaccines are required to attend pre-school:

  • 4 DTaP
  • 3 Polio
  • 3 Hepatitis B
  • 1 MMR
  • 1 Varicella
  • 4 HIB vaccines 
  • 4 pneumococcal vaccines

Lastly, for the Rome City School District Pre-Kindergarten Program, the student must be three or four-years-old on or before Dec. 1. Benzo said their program does have limited spacing, and any parent who has questions or needs help registering can either call or stop in. 


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