Possible Pothole Relief

By Kody Fisher

Published 03/31 2014 11:29PM

Updated 03/31 2014 11:30PM

People all around Utica tonight are still upset about the potholes that are damaging their cars.

Tonight, some relief may be on the horizon to this huge headache for drivers.

"It’s really terrible.  Everybody complains about it.  Everybody that I know that drives.  You can’t even go down Genesee Street without hitting a million potholes," said Lindsay Sanders.

Relief could be on its way.

Mayor Palmieri said today that he's going to have all available DPW workers and resources reassigned to fix all of the potholes.

“It sounds excellent and hopefully they will aim at starting in the worst spots first, because I'm sure a lot of people aren’t happy at the end of the day with unnecessary car repairs and damage," said Kimberly Kaczor.

Some drivers are concerned that the mayor may only be saying this as a political move to make the people of Utica like him more.

"Don’t use the people from the city of Utica and the potholes and stuff as a stepping stone to, you know, get votes," said Patrick Gillespie.

Some drivers say that it’s a waiting game to see if what the mayor says will actually happen.

"I think actions speak louder than words. You go through several of the city streets here and you see how horrible they are," said Jim Champion.

 "I think that within time people will expect him to back up his words, so eventually something will be done.  One way or the other," said Kaczor.

 “I hopin to take his word for it and hopefully he does follow through with that, cause if he does he's the man," said Omar Escobar.

As always, if you have a really nasty pothole that you know of we want to know about it.

Email us where the pothole is at News@wutr.tv

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