Police Help on the Way

By Kody Fisher

Published 06/11 2014 06:20PM

Updated 06/11 2014 06:22PM

The Utica police will be swearing in the largest number of police in its history Thursday.


People who live in Utica said that’s good news because of how dangerous Utica can be.


"It’s ridiculous,” said Celeste Collins, “It’s utterly ridiculous.  I mean, every day, every other day shootin, stabbin.  It’s crazy.”

"Well, I don’t feel safe walking around after a certain time of night, especially alone," said Joelle Buck.


Police say the spike in crime we're seeing is fueled by the lack of officers.


"We're trying to do the best we can,” said Utica Police Chief Mark Williams, “Obviously now it’s well documented that we are well understaffed, but we're fighting the good fight and as chief of police I’m going to make sure that our community is protected as best we can."

UPD currently has one hundred and twenty seven officers, which is below the recommended one sixty three. People in Utica said they hope more police will help.


"You can’t cover all areas, but with more police officers at least you have a better chance.  You know, with them putting twenty more police officers on the force i think it should do something.  If they're doing their jobs it should help," said Collins.

"The city don’t have that many officers.  They're layin off.  They got old, now they got young, so I feel the younger can do better," said Howard Morton.

People said they realize that more police won’t necessarily mean any crime.

“Anything’s possible, but more police officers could possibly help.  Who knows what the outcome could be," said Buck.


“You can only do what you can do, but if they put their best effort forward and do their job.  I mean, come down a little harder on the criminals.  It should help," said Collins.

The police officers sworn in tomorrow still have to go through the academy for a whole year before seeing the streets.

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